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Wide grinding wheel wheel grinding choice
2012-09-21 по seoer10
Generally cylindrical grinding wheel width is only about 50mm. Wide Wheel Cylindrical Grinding wheel width up to 300mm; surface grinding wheel widths up to 400mm; centerless grinding wheel width up to 800-1000mm.
Wide grinding wheel is a grinding width is increased to improve the grinding efficiency efficient grinding method.
Wide cylindrical surface grinding, the grinding wheel is commonly used to cut into the grinding method, up to IT6 in precision centerless grinding workpiece surface roughness up to 0.63 micron.
Width wide wheel grinding, grinding forces, grinding power, the heat generated, so the need to strengthen the cooling.
Wide grinding wheel multi plunge grinding, it is more efficient than the vertical reciprocating grinding high. Grinding wheel after molding trim molding surface, and to ensure the accuracy of the part shape. Large, but the width of the grinding wheel spindle is cantilevered longer.
Wide-wheel grinding requirements in the axial direction of the grinding wheel hardness in the circumferential direction to be uniform, or uneven wear of the cutting wheel, it will affect the accuracy and surface quality of the workpiece.
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