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ATS Quick Change Disc System

Description: The abrasives disc are glued to thread nylon shafts & metal pads allowing
them to be rapidly fittted on proper holders

Two Fasten System are avaiable:
ATS-QS System: Where abrsive discs are male thread. Due to their wide adhesive
surface, they provide higher mechancial strength.
ATS-QR System: Where abrsive discs are female thread. Due to their narrow adhesive
surface, they provide lower mechancial strength.

Superhard grinding wheel (diamond wheel. CBN grinding wheel) is generally applied to those industries?
Diamond grinding wheel is generally divided into two vitrified bond and resin bond, vitrified bond diamond wheel used to machine PCD Polycrystalline Diamond Compact PCBN cubic boron nitride composite sheet, carbide, ceramic knives, blades, grinding parts the end face of the workpiece, the peripheral surface of the chip breaking groove, bevel; resin bond diamond wheel for grinding hard alloy, non-metallic materials, cutting hard and brittle carbide, non-metallic mineral. Such as tungsten carbide, ceramic, agate, optical glass, semiconductor materials and cast iron, stone. CBN grinding wheel is divided into two vitrified bond and resin bond, vitrified CBN grinding wheel is mainly used for cast iron, tool, ceramic evaporation boats, carbide, steel processing, high-speed steel, hardened steel, precious stones, building materials auto parts industry, grinding power, high-speed machining does not burn the workpiece can be corrected and durable advantages. Resin bond CBN wheel for grinding ferromagnetic material, ideal material for processing steel.
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