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Making up the model on water sandpaper to use
Su said the main group . Moistened with water on the line , in order to take away the debris worn sandpaper roll  is mainly used to deal with the outlet of the first but not the model used pliers to cut down the model , and then use a pen knife to Xiaoduan connections , but do not directly removed, will stay under the ugly outlet . Then when sanding parts of the model will be based on the best sandpaper fixed on different objects , for example, you do not polish a large area of ​​particular parts of the ground, to find a small bottle, put sandpaper glued to the upper perimeter with partial arc face sanding . Usually first with 800 , polished smooth and then polished with a fine 1200 . Found that outlet is gone but the entire surface of the model is not smooth polished plastic is how to do ? Recommended to buy polishing paste , coarse purpose on the line, after spotting grinding polishing paste definitely handy. Coloring on random , and polished smooth no outlet on the line . The water sandpaper with scissors into a an appropriate size , then moistened with water , then polishing , is to reduce scratches, in fact, not cleaning the bathroom is also no problem , because you then have to fill soil . If the hormone group had to be wet , sanding paper after a good clean , observe and then decide not to continue grinding .
Production technology sandpaper
   Abrasive sand paper called A material for polishing, in the original paper from sticking various abrasive grit. The ring of the productSandpaper on the application of environmental requirements for the paper is a paper tough, wear-resistant folding, and good water resistance, glass sand, etc.Abrasive materials such as gum adhesive with adhesive on paper, after drying. Generally speaking, sandpaper commonly used to grind metal,Wood and other surfaces to clean smooth it.Sandpaper production techniques are generally divided into two categories, the first one: mechanical polishing, glass polishing wheel fitted with a polishing machine,Dipped in glass polishing powder on the glass surface polishing, polishing the same operation process with other. The second: Chemical polishing: Use ofLearn liquid on the glass surface is polished, the operation process, there are two, soak the piece of glass cell method that is soaked in a liquidPool 2 to 3 hours and finally cleaned, polished and simultaneously on both sides for a glass immersion method or a glass-sided polished surface is not stickyProtective film, the edge with adhesive tape from a block waterside, flat glass after glass surface of the liquid down in the depth of not less than 3 mmM and as uniform as possible, 2 to 3 hours to finally clean.Among them, the water mill sandpaper sandpaper, it's a smaller gap between the sand, very fine grind is also smaller, and with waterFines will use flowing out, so to use with water, take water  sandpaper  dry grinding mince words will remain in the sandGap, so that the surface becomes light sandpaper to reach its present some effect, but not so troublesome dry sandpaper.
Must correct selection
Must correct selection and use of abrasive polishing glass edge polishing process. First to use glass edging machine types and models to determine the selection of the type of abrasive polishing. The same type of milling machine, polishing abrasive polishing effect and life will vary due to the good or bad quality, the level of accuracy. Secondly, you want to check whether the diamond rough grinding wheel and fine grinding wheel used to select the appropriate. If coarse diamond size diamond coarse grinding wheel and Abode grinding wheel, abrasive polishing difficult to diamond grinding wheel grinding traces completely throw away, it will affect the polishing abrasive consumption, reduce its life. Third, according to the glass edge processing requirements, brightness requirements, to select the applicable suitable abrasive polishing, in order to achieve that meet the processing requirements, reduce production costs, improve production efficiency,standard abrasives, but also play a role. Finally, to comply with the norms of grinding and polishing, polishing abrasive prior to installation should be carefully examined whether there was a schism; installation, the application of a diameter not less than the polishing abrasive one-third of the diameter flange fastening; polishing abrasive use speed shall not exceed the provisions of the linear velocity of the security work; than dedicated to the end face of the abrasive polishing, abrasive end face work is prohibited; cooling water flow should be sufficient; operate in accordance with safety procedures Edger, select the appropriate head The length of the working pressure and the glass and the traveling speed; the abrasive polishing during storage should prevent cold and damp, cut off wheel and should not be in contact with the bases, otherwise it will affect the strength of abrasive polishing and polishing.
Diamond thin cutting discs tools in the non-ferrous metals
Diamond thin cutting discs tools in the non-ferrous metals and wear-resistant materials processing applications, have excellent adaptability. Tool material, ultra-thin diamond cutting discis the hardest. Appropriate processing conditions, the ultra-thin diamond cutting disc than high-speed steel, carbide, ceramic and PCBN life long. It also has shortcomings, is: not generally apply to ferrous materials processing. However, in a high-speed mass production, processing materials such as aluminum and graphite, thin cutting wheel,etc., diamond thin cutting chip is often the most effective tools. Diamond ultra-thin cutting discs tools, the user can have two options: a polycrystalline diamond thin cutting piece (PCD), a the newer chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diamond ultra-thin cutting discs. Use performance as early as the proven The ultra-thin cutting discs of polycrystalline diamond has a hardness, strength and abrasion resistance of the The natural diamond ultra-thin cutting discs, but not natural diamond ultra-thin cutting discs damaged sensitivity. It is in the high temperature, high pressure, by the synthetic diamond ultrathin dicing sheet particle polymerization. In the process, the form of the particles of the polycrystalline while being integrally bonded to a cemented carbide substrate, in order to improve the mechanical strength and impact resistance. Accordance with the super-abrasive portion of said GE Company, PCD is very suitable for the high-speed cutting of aluminum, is particularly suitable to achieve good surface roughness main occasions, it also exhibits excellent performance in the processing of the high wear resistance materials. Normally, PCD recommended for cutting high silicon aluminum alloy, is also used in the processing of brass, copper, bronze, and carbide. Processes including turning, boring, profiling, grooving, milling and hole processing. Because of the chemical interaction between the diamond ultra-thin cutting discs and iron, in general PCD does not apply to the processing of ferrous materials. However, it can deal with double metal materials processing, including a combination of aluminum and cast iron. For example: a car parts suppliers in the bimetallic cylinder block machining aluminum and cast iron, diameter 305mm knife clip-on face milling cutter, the tip arc 2.36mm, with Revised knife, cutting speed 304.8m/min feed 0.10 mm / tooth, depth of cut 5mm, processing up to 5000 cylinder block, the blade only need to translocation. GE's application planning managers believe that the application of the PCD by the mass production of the industrial sector, mainly automotive industry increasing the aluminum processing speed driven. At the same time, vehicle manufacturers in order to reduce weight and reduce costs, is on the use of metal matrix composite material to be evaluated, but such materials must be processed with PCD. He said: "This type of material can not be used carbide tooling." The polycrystalline production manager said, although the PCD's development achievements gives a very deep impression, but GE's super abrasive Ministry is still continuing to work, so as to further improve its abrasion resistance.