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Sintered diamond wheel
2012-11-23 by seoer10
Sintered metal bonded grinding wheel multi-bronze and other metals as a binding agent, manufactured using high-temperature sintering method, the combination of high strength and good formability, high temperature, thermal conductivity and good wear resistance and long service life, can withstand larger loads. Due to the grinding wheel during sintering shrinkage and deformation inevitably exist, before use of the grinding wheel shaping wheel dressing is more difficult. Commonly used in the production of grinding wheel roller shaping method not only in dressing laborious, but the diamond particles in the trimming process shedding more trimming the consumption of the grinding wheel itself, shaping low accuracy.
In recent years, scholars from various countries have been carrying out research work of the special processing method trimming metal bond diamond wheel, mainly electrolytic dressing, EDM dressing and composite trimming. The electrolytic dressing method is fast, but the shaping accuracy is not high; EDM dressing method shaping high precision, both shaping can be dressing, but slower shaping; the composite dressing method electrolytic the EDM composite dressing method, mechanical and chemical compound dressing method etc., dressing better, but the system is more complex, sintered diamond wheel trim problem still has not been a good solution. Further, since the manufacturing process of the cutting wheel to determine the surface morphology is random, geometry, distribution, and the cutting edge of each of the abrasive grains in which the high degree of inconsistency, when grinding only a few high cutting edge cutting into the work, limit further enhance the grinding quality and grinding efficiency.
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