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Belt grinding belt use high speed machining ring
Grinding ring belt  PSA sanding disc  workpiece surface using high-speed operation. Generally on the belt grinder.Belt around the pressure roller has a certain elasticity and tension wheel by pressing the rotary wheel drive for continuous cutting movement of the workpiece on the conveyor belt or workbench for feed motion when contact with the workpiece under pressure by belt or wheel when the grinding zone, he incurs belt rubbed off the surface layer of material. abrasive belt grinding cutting speed is generally 20 to 30 m / sec, the grinding pressure of 20 to 30 MPa. abrasive belt grinding effectively elimination of the rough surface, but not the grinding grooves and precise corner, suitable for processing flat surfaces and forming surfaces. grinding molding surface (eg turbine blade surface), can be used to match the type of surface of the workpiece molded or shaped contact wheel supporting plate, so that the workpiece between the flexible belt to maintain a uniform contact pressure (Figure 2). dimensional precision grinding belt is generally about 0.02 mm up to 3 m the fine-grained abrasive belt grinding, surface roughness up Ra1.25 ~ 0.16 microns.
What is a PSA, PSA check what significance
PSA sanding disc  stands for prostate specific antigen, which is mainly produced by the epithelial cells of the prostate gland proteolytic enzyme, under normal circumstances, be secreted into the prostatic fluid or semen to the active free form (f-PSA) present in serum the PSA exists mainly in bound form, usually in the f-PSA and complexed PSA and the total PSA (t-PSA) on behalf of serum total PSA levels of serum PSA measurement accuracy is high, stable, reproducible, and is non-invasive helps prostate cancer early diagnosis, monitoring response to treatment and prognosis. Also be used for high-risk groups (men over 50) of prostate cancer screening.Serum PSA absolutely partly from the prostate, with organ specificity. PSA is a prostate-specific antigen, but not prostate cancer specific antigen, normal and benign prostatic hyperplasia prostate epithelial secretion may PSA, so patients with elevated PSA on the clinical decision-making should be carefully treated differently.
Tool management is a product of the development of the enterprise information management needs
Tool management is a product of the development of the enterprise information management needs and tool industry In recent years, modern tool management technology has gained rapid development, more and more tool manufacturers, developers of engineering software and engineering technology introduced a different type, a distinctive tool management mode and the corresponding software. Tool management shows great potential to improve processing efficiency and utilization of CNC machine tools, to ensure product quality, reduce manufacturing costs. Starting from the actual situation of enterprises actively using the appropriate tool management technology has become an important measure to improve enterprise management and manufacturing technology to promote manufacturing tool users, and therefore subject to the attention of more and more enterprises.nonwoven belt The modern tool management concept of the proposed the CIMS system development period can be traced back to the seventies and eighties, tool information and the kind management is an indispensable part in the CIMS system. In recent years, the application of IT in manufacturing is deepening by the CNC manufacturing technology level has been gradually to expand the field of business management. The development, manufacturing, marketing, management and other departments of internal dispersion, integrated information management system integrated into a unified enterprise information management system, each subsystem information exchange and sharing, greatly improving the operational efficiency of enterprises. In the development process of enterprise information management, information about knives and cutting technology with innovative design and manufacture of enterprise products closely linked to the decision of product design and development and manufacturing efficiency. Therefore, the tool management into enterprise information management system of the work started by the enterprises to pay attention. With the enterprise will be non-core business separation process outsourcing to specialized social resources continues to accelerate, tool management has become more urgent, so as to promote the application and development of the tool management technology.coated abrasive
Regrinding method
Gun drill wear, the need for timely correct sharpening, sharpening must drill universal cutting disc tool grinder or on the special grinding machine guns mounted on special fixtures on sharpening the choice of particle size of about 120 resin diamond wheel for grinding after the blade surface, each time sharpening only grinding inner and outer corner. Must ensure that the correct geometry and cutting edge position.1, the order must be raised when the gun drill diameter and tolerance (or hole diameter tolerances) as well as the full length of the gun drill.Need to explain the shape and size of the material to be processed and gun drill shank. Single carbide blade double-edged six-edge gun reamer introduced Carbide gun reamer hole is an ideal finishing tool blade solid carbide or veneer structure, abrasive tools life and high accuracy, the dimensional accuracy of the machined hole up to more than H7, straightness < 0.1/1000mm, roundness ≤ 0.005mm, surface roughness ≤ Ra0.8um, widely used in machine tools, automobiles, aviation, engine and other industries.