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Welcome to our product page of non woven abrasive, Use for removal, non woven abrasivegrinding and blending of welds, castings and other metal finishing. All flap discs with high, consistent stock removal. 

"Non Woven Abrasive"

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Abrasives used in the mold industry
Mold industry is an important area of ​​high-tech industries in recent years, the rapid development of China's mold industry , mold industry dependent on imports from the past towards independence subsidiary industry new industry . World mold production center is also to transfer to China , China has become the mold production and consumption country , mold companies new investment , the investment in processing equipment to account for 80%. According to statistics, in 2010 China's mold in total sales reached about 112 billion yuan over the previous year growth of more than 14% , while the national mold equipment market has exceeded 40 billion yuan , and also to the rate of about 20% growth per year. This shows that China's mold industry in the post-crisis period to obtain a better non woven abrasive  recovery of growth , the growth rate has scaled double digits again . At present , China has the highest amount of mold in the world, many mold companies . Abrasives as mold production process consumables , demand in the coming years , and its application in the production process of concern. On the status of corporate mold : mold industry has a relatively broad market prospects, but on the current development of mold companies , due to the financial crisis, the domestic economic downturn and other factors, domestic and foreign orders significantly reduced, given the very low price most of the mold is difficult to sustain their livelihoods. Plus a variety of costs rising again , a majority of companies have mold face closure . Of course, this is not absolute, the mold industry with many other industries, the development of the phenomenon today has emerged differentiation. Phone companies that supply the mold business, for example , can make international and domestic brands of mold factory , they are busy, and again to expand the scale of production . To develop in the mold industry , must have sufficient strength , the introduction of the best mold production equipment , professional and technical personnel, in collaboration with major clients with continuous orders. Today, the domestic mold industry has also emerged a number of competitive mold manufacturing enterprises, the Guangzhou Pearl River Delta region has become China's mold industry is most developed, high tech area. If domestic mold companies together, division of labor, sharing of resources , to achieve the level of technology leap , concentrate on solving problems in this area , the mold industry out of the current adverse situation is not difficult. Common mold polishing abrasive tools: a bit of scale mold enterprise value at 550 million yuan a year , of which the proportion of abrasives of about 10%. Mold in the manufacturing process of polishing tools used are: sandpaper , Whetstone , velvet carpet round , grinding paste, alloy rasp , diamond grinding , bamboo, fiber Whetstone , round rotating grinding machine . Mold polishing process : 1 , rough polishing 2 , 3 semi- fine polishing , fine polishing polishing environmental requirements: polishing process should be completed in two separate workplace . That rough grinding and fine polishing processing location separate locations , but also to pay attention to a procedure to clean the surface of the sand left in the . After the general rough polishing , the workpiece to be polished clean rooms to ensure that the air is free of dust particles stick to the mold surface . If a more precise polishing must be absolutely clean space , because of dust, smoke, dandruff and saliva Mo are likely to scrap high- precision polishing surface. After the polishing process is completed , the surface dust protection work to do . When the polishing process is stopped , carefully remove all abrasives and lubricants to ensure that the surface is clean. Should then spray the mold surface rust coating . Polishing the surface of factors : 1 , the surface condition 2, the quality of steel 3 , 4 heat treatment process , the mold manufacturing technique polishing polishing process is a very important step , it relates to the quality and life of the mold , but also determines products their quality . Master works and polishing process , choose the right method and polishing abrasive products that can improve the quality and life of the mold , thereby improving the quality of products. Mold Factory to numerous requests abrasives products , such as mobile phone suppliers mold companies require high quality , mostly with foreign materials , specialized procurement from manufacturers. Abrasive products to enter the mold companies , the most important thing is the product quality is better , the service should be in place , followed by Price and human relations . For mold equipment supplier , the main requirement is a high precision mold enterprise , good material , good shelf life to timely repair, maintenance , and maintenance work.
forming abrasive
non woven abrasive  molding method according to the needs of different commonly used are the following :A hydraulic molding hydraulic molding equipment hydraulic machines and hydraulic press , because oil has the proper viscosity, not prone to back and stable, so abrasive molding is generally used hydraulic machine without water presses, such as the use of appropriate structural hydraulic machine can have ease of lift . Allows ease of lifting the molding compound at the time of pressing the abrasive gases sufficient time to escape from the mold compound, and the material layer can have time to get up and down and reduce the wheel traverse uneven density , and reduced after moving the elastic effect, increasing the pressure to maintain a predetermined time to obtain better results ; this operation , but the lift is too slow , reducing productivity. Using high pressure into the 70s can get a higher density of the last century, the country has rough ring automatic molding machine, but it only applies to a single large production specifications , the SMEs do not apply.The former Soviet Union had given automatic machine design thinking in a certain data, the agency is turning its schematic .Its automatic machine with high pressure blower vacuum adsorption molding blank robot , some domestic plants are imitation of this robot moves rough , eliminating the flap procedure ( Figure 5 ) . In recent years, domestic research on automatic molding machine has made significant progress in Figure 6 is the factory producing ceramic abrasive 18- station automatic molding machine.
What is called non-woven
non woven abrasive , English is called felt, directly translated into Chinese should be " felt ." Nonwoven just a popular name , but well expressed its production processes. And our common woven fabric and knitted fabric are different, woven fabrics and knitted fabrics to be the first anti- fibers into a line , then line through the warp and weft knitting or circular knitted fabric made ​​into the final . Rather than weaving into textiles , but rather uses a process similar to papermaking fibers pressed into the fabric . So it has a non-woven paper characteristics , that is, no matter how you cut notches at the same will not be like any other cloth fibers to disperse. It is because of this feature, non-woven production with some minor works will be very convenient. There is a feature of non-woven fabrics than normal to thick, and feel a bit like a woolen material . Use it to produce fabric pieces would be more tangible . Early non-woven wool are used as raw material , which is why translation would be " felt " why. In recent years with the development of technology , more and more non-woven raw material complex, non-woven pure wool is relatively rare in the domestic market , then the price would surely be even more expensive . For non- component non-woven wool , may appear on the surface pilling phenomenon , this should be taken into account at the time of purchase .
What is the meaning of non-woven fabric
It does not require a fabric formed by weaving yarn , just short fibers or filaments of textile orientation or randomly arranged to form a fiber network structure, and mechanical , thermal or chemical methods such as reinforcement is made . It is the direct use of polymer chips , staple fiber or filament fiber network formed through a variety of methods and techniques of consolidation form with soft , breathable and flat structure of the new fiber products. Definition of non-woven fabric  non woven abrasive  (nonwoven), also known as non-woven , non-woven . Orientation or randomly arranged fibers by friction , cohesion , or adhesion or a combination of these methods with each other into a sheet , web or batt of fiber . Does not include paper and woven fabrics , knitted fabrics , tufted textile fabrics , stitching yarns with a knit stitch and wet felting felts ( regardless of whether such products through acupuncture reinforcement ) . Fibers may be natural or chemical processing , can be short fibers, filaments or the formation of fibrous spot . Note: 1, the wet nonwoven fabric and the difference between the wet paper making non-woven fabric should meet the following conditions : a, the fiber composition in the ratio of length to diameter of the fibers is greater than 300 ( not including the chemical cooking plant fibers ) accounted for 50 % of the mass ; b, the fiber composition of length to diameter ratio greater than 300 fibers ( not including the chemical cooking of plant fiber ) accounted for 30 % of the mass , and the density of less than 0.4 / c m ⒊ 2, without that the viscose fibers are plant fibers by chemical cooking .