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The upgrading of the tool
2013-01-20 by seoer10

Companies need to constantly optimize production processes. Mr. von Schwech, stressed that: "We hold great interest to try a new type of tool, and Practice has proved that such an attempt is not complicated." At the same time he was also very willing to try a tool suppliers.cut off wheel

Seco Tools the Square 6 Series chamfer cutter, Erkrath is such an attempt. The previous generation of the series tool has been widely used in the company, but also through some fairly severe cutting conditions. However, the tool is gradually aging, the efficiency of their production is also affected accordingly. Serious tool wear high regrinding costs. The service mechanic Mr. Frank Schaefer and Seco Tools Consulting Sales Engineer Mr. Steffen Marx, one approached the beginning of the year. Mr. Schaefer said: "Our goal is a new cutting tool technology used in carefully selected, sincere cooperation with our customers. Early to Expert Company provides part of the tool used in traditional machine."

Mr. Marx said: "Square type is the first in the market with 6 blade chamfer cutter indexable inserts can be produced in one step to a perfect 90 ° angle. Therefore can significantly reduce the number of tools and tool change number of times. "Square 6 is a high-precision flexible tool that can be used for cutting grooves,grinding wheel, contours, flat and deep milling. Schaefer, said: "After hardening and coating processing milling head can be machined workpiece diameter of 40-160 mm, flatness and concentricity can also improve and extend the service life." Hardened base and sturdy machining accuracy can ensure a depth of up to 7.5 mm on the basis of the double-sided indexable inserts. At the same time the the 6 faces blade economy is also higher. Rotatable the groove of the bit on the blade plane can improve the surface quality, without additional finishing steps.

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