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Everyday common characteristics of non-woven abrasive wheel products
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Bune nylon 66 fibers to the open and flexible structure

of the three-dimensional non-woven fabric,

adhered thereto should be made. Our products have no

black (do not burn the workpiece surface), does not

change the size of the workpiece, durable, efficient,

self-sharpening (attempts to prevent), finish high.

Acid-resistant oil.

Adapt to the shortage of range of all metal (alloy),

ceramic, wood, plastic and composite workpiece

grinding, deburring, cleaning, go to the coating

(paint), sanding, drawing, grinding, Microhyla,

grinding, matte soft, polished and mirror processing.
Specifications meaning

Non-woven abrasive products abrasive types, particle

size and tissue density (hardness) is divided into many

varieties and specifications.
Abrasive: typically corundum and silicon carbide

grinding metal usually chosen corundum, silicon carbide

grinding hard and brittle materials or wood selection.
Granularity: granularity thicker, higher grinding

efficiency, the grinding surface lines thicker, lower

finish its corresponding mesh fiber structure is more

Tissue density on the surface quality of the workpiece:

big density than the density of small lines clearer,

and less prone to lines tilted interrupt.
Using parameters

When the rotational speed of the grinding wheel, the

influence of the result of the processing of the

workpiece and the abrasive life: Workpiece material

harder and the requirements of the surface treatment

effect requires a high speed, but the life of the

abrasiveswill correspondingly shortened; workpiece

material is relatively soft and optional low speed ,

the result of the processing of its surface is

relatively rough.
Local lines of the workpiece feed rate: the faster the

speed of the feed, the partially grinding time is

shorter, the number of fragments of the ridge is less;

slower feed rate, to allow more time to process the

partial lines.
Grinding wheel grinding workpiece pressure: pressure is

easy to burn the workpiece and the grinding wheel

(nylon wheel) will change shape; pressure hourly piece

lines are not clear enough, the efficiency is not high

enough. Usually fly airfoil pressure grinding wheel is

relatively small, tightly rolled round pressure.
Use of the environment

Non-woven abrasive sheet used in water, oil, or other

corrosive environment, do not have to worry about rust

like steel balls and ordinary sandpaper out sand and

other issues, with the pallet or directly by hand use.

Grinding wheel surface often with some lubricant use,

and its ability to dissipate heat effectively improved

surface color and reduce powder

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