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Accumulation of abrasive belt applications
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 Accumulation of abrasive belt is particularly suitable for titanium, stainless steel, carbon steel castings, galvanized parts, hardware accessories such as surface grinding and polishing process, but also for heat-resistant steel, nickel-chromium alloys, low alloy steel workpiece, and metal tanks, pipes, hydraulic cylinders, medical equipment and other surface grinding and polishing, can dry grinding can also be wet.
1, brushed metal surface
Due to accumulation of abrasive belt grinding high consistency, it is particularly suitable for metal wire drawing industry, the traditional abrasive belt when drawing in the beginning, abrasive sharp sharp, brushed lined deep, but drawing pretty soon began changing abrasive blunt, pull-lined began to lighten as time goes on, more and lined shallow. This results in a problem that the belt is pulled out with a workpiece, the front and back of the product product, there will be significant differences in drawing lined affect the consistency of the workpiece surface. Currently, the accumulation in the surface drawing processing abrasive belt has a very wide range of applications, especially in the IT electronics industry, such as mobile phone case, camera case, laptop case and other products brushed surface, shown in Figure 9. In addition, metal furniture, appliance housings, plumbing equipment and other surface drawing, also used in the accumulation of abrasive belt.
2, hard grind metal grinding and polishing
Grinding hard metal material is sticky and hard metals, such as high temperature alloys, titanium, stainless steel, aluminum and so on. Such materials are widely used in various sectors of national production, such as the power industry turbine, turbine blades, pressure vessels, piping; aviation industry engine blades, aircraft frame; energy industry oil and gas pipelines; used in everyday life tools, sports equipment and so on. These products not only special materials, hard-surface complex machining and grinding, but also there is a high surface quality or precision requirements, the use of traditional grinding process, it is difficult to meet the processing requirements, and accumulation of abrasive belt can be a good solution this problem. Various types of surfaces such as graphics processing complex blades (water, turbine blades, aircraft engine blades, etc.), bulk abrasive belt not only has the softness of coated  abrasives , efficient cold cutting, grinding higher surface quality characteristics, but also has The self-sharpening abrasive and longevity, thus ending the abrasive machining low efficiency, low accuracy problem, changing the traditional abrasive belt short life, and makes blade machining from the traditional hand-polished turned fully automated, high-efficiency, high precision, low labor intensity of CNC grinding.
 3, automobile weld grinding, cylinder, rod polishing
With the growing demand for automobiles, automobile industry continues to evolve, coated abrasives in the automotive machining increasingly prominent role, while the accumulation of abrasive belt applications, making this role and on a new level, with accumulation of abrasive grit sand tray in auto body weld grinding, abrasive sand tray than the traditional long service life 1-3 times, reducing the time to replace the sand tray, improve work efficiency, and the outer surface of the cylinder in a car engine connecting rod face machining, abrasive belt stacked higher than conventional abrasive belt machining accuracy and surface consistency.

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