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Platen belt grinding in the main role
2013-09-09 by seoer3
Grinding pressure between the back plate and the abrasive cloth belt is sliding friction, which requires the platen of high hardness and wear, in order to ensure stability of the dimensional accuracy of its own. Used in the manufacture of materials platen carburizing steel, tungsten steel, carbide, cast iron, etc. In less precision grinding, or only for light load, such as going flat burrs, sanding process, in order to improve the surface roughness of the platen surface can be covered by a layer of elastic material - foam, rubber mats, blankets, etc., then attaching a wear-resistant material such as glass beads containing graphite lining cloth or the like.
Using pressure plate belt grinding mill, the workpiece is usually to have a horizontal swing along the platen or belt swing relative, or, better workpiece in plane rotary motion to the entire width of the belt are fully utilized and the sand with wear uniform, which can guarantee the achievement of the machining accuracy and allow disengagement surface grinding.
Platen bearing assembly in the form of fixed and floating. Fixed bearing type is generally used for continuous processing of fixed-size belt grinding; floating platen for applications requiring uniform grinding irregular cross-section of the workpiece, the platen directly affects the accuracy of the machining accuracy and surface quality, so on the platen higher accuracy.
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