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How to care for belt drive belt
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The use of belt
Only reasonable choice and correct use abrasive cloth belt   , belt and can correctly solve the various problems arising from the use, play the superiority of belt grinding and abrasive belt grinding performance of the best, in order to ensure the workpiece quality.
Abrasive processing before use
Belt storage is important, but if it can not get the belt before using the correct treatment will seriously affect its performance.
Belt suspension
Suspension belt use should be at least 2-5 days before, the aim is to eliminate packaging produced curl. Unpacking the belt will be hanging in the 100-200mm diameter pipe or a dedicated belt support frame. The tube length should be greater than the width of the belt, or belt easy to fall off or generate bell; pipe shall be a horizontal state, or easily damaged belt edges. Hanging belt its environmental temperature and humidity storage conditions should be consistent with belt, the easiest way is a sealed room, with Jizhan 40W or 64W bulbs to keep dry.
Visual inspection
After hanging belt should be done before using the necessary appearance quality inspection, inspect belt connector is smooth, firm; belt surface with or without holes, sand mass, lack of sand, glue spots, wrinkles; belt edge is neat and whether the gap, if a smaller gap edge, cut off after the (cut arc-shaped) does not affect use.
Since the application of abrasive belt grinding and research in China is still in its infancy, so knowledge about belt use in the country is not much literature describes as belt manufacturer, we at the reception and visits to customers, often Some users feel the belt storage and use of knowledge is not very understanding. In order to better service for users, so that belt when used in the best condition to play the superiority of belt grinding, now the belt storage and use some of the knowledge introduced to everyone.
A belt storage
Belt belt use for storage is critical for wide belt are particularly affected. Ideal storage conditions and storage methods in order to ensure a reasonable belt in the best condition for use.
2 temperature and humidity requirements
Belt should not be stored in large changes in temperature and humidity, where the desired temperature is :18-220C; ideal humidity :40-65% and the temperature is too high binder aging of the belt life. Synthetic substrate belt (eg polyester cloth belt) are more sensitive to cold, can not be stored in a cold warehouse.
Humidity is too high or too low will produce a certain deformation belt, and plastic deformation belt will reduce the bond strength of sand. Especially the humidity is too large impact on the belt more serious. In addition to water belt, in general, use damp belt are prone to discount, pull wrinkle phenomenon leaving belt machine scrapped. In addition, the wet grinding of abrasive belt grinding things easy to adhere to the belt surface to reduce belt life. High temperature, low humidity for paper-based belt is relatively large, the paper-based belt brittle, easily broken when used scrapped.

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