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Stainless steel pipe polishing abrasive wheel Knowledge
2013-11-19 by seoer3
Stainless steel pipe polishing has divided electrolytic polishing and mechanical polishing, if it is long products through automatic centerless grinding and polishing machines, machining when using several different types of wheel and flax wheel / cloth polishing wheel, used during polishing polishing wax (dry cast) can, as the choice of throwing only have to look at the requirements of the decision on the steel surface. doing polished stainless steel is the easiest thing to get installed Sabu mill wheel, stick some polishing wax, facing the need to polish sectional bit thrown on the line. I feel this is not called polishing up, and this is called scrubs. Real polishing electroplating  abrasive cloth belt . I will certainly do major industrial stainless steel with electro-polished more. You say I have not used gauze.
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