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Vitrified bond diamond abrasive applications the problems
2013-12-04 by seoer3
Because the characteristics of the diamond , making it to the performance of ceramic binders have special requirements , and therefore the current domestic vitrified diamond grinding tools have not been widely used. Mainly for the domestic diamond  abrasive cloth belt  binder resin and metal , vitrified bond amount is also small.
The main reason is : 1 ] due to the production of diamond abrasive low temperature bonding agent , in order to reduce the refractoriness , combined with the introduction of a large number of basic materials agents , so the resulting low temperature ceramic binder , its performance ( low refractoriness , low thermal expansion coefficient , strength, etc. ) is difficult to control ; [ 2 ] during manufacturing, since the inert superhard material , the bonding agent bonding the abrasive grains and the wetting ability, the binding agent reduces the bonding strength of the abrasive grains , grinding when grinding tools , abrasive falling fast , wear big ; [ 3 ] in the grinding process , due to the brittleness of ceramics , abrasives in the use of impact resistance , fatigue resistance are poor, easy to use embrittlement phenomena occur , thus affecting the characteristics of abrasive grinding and poor thermal conductivity of ceramic grinding area of high local temperature , so that heat loss is easy superabrasive grains also affect abrasive grinding characteristics . This directly affects the vitrified bond diamond abrasive used.
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