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Determination of resin abrasive formula
2013-12-06 by seoer3
Accurately measure the finished recipe abrasive cloth belt research, design, development plays a decisive role, but artificial test data to calculate complex and cumbersome and error-prone, to make abrasive formula becomes simple and accurate measurement, easy one article on computer-aided measurement ordinary resin abrasive finished formulations preliminary exploration. Abrasive formula is based on the manufacturing process, is the key to the production of abrasives. Abrasive formula prescribed ratio of abrasives, binders, fillers, coloring agents of raw materials, feeding unit weight, molding density and other parameters, the decision abrasive performance. Unknown to the finished abrasive formulations were determined formula, mainly for the development and design of products, developed with its own characteristics abrasive products. Determination recipe can be used for abrasive waste analysis, waste generated guide to find the causes and solutions, to create a product to meet user requirements.
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