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abrasive cloth belt   produces residual stress is what causes? It noted broaching, honing machine when cutting the inner surface of the metal layer in the processing of plastic deformation occurs, so that the surface of the metal increased hematocrit. Only due to plastic deformation of the metal surface, the metal surface is increased and the specific volume, the volume expansion is inevitable to be blocked in the metal layer is connected with it, and therefore the surface of the metal layer to generate residual stress, and in generate a residual tensile stress in the metal layer.
According gear chamfering machine understanding cutting, the cutting area will be a lot of cutting heat generated. Different microstructure having different densities, also have a different specific volume. If the metal in the surface layer microstructure changes, changes in the specific volume of metal bound to the surface is hindered base metal connected thereto, and thus there is residual stress.

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