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What is the CBN grinding wheel
2012-11-21 by seoer10

        We hear the word of the grinding wheel, the first understanding is to know that it is an abrasive, grinding wheel Grinding Wheel production of various types of range. Now introduces One CBN wheel. CBN grinding wheel, also known as cubic boron nitride grinding wheels, CBN grinding wheel is yet another addition to diamond superhard materials, mainly used to make the wheel, as well as knives and other CBN grinding wheel particles sharp suitable for grinding all kinds of hard materials such as diamond composite tablets.
        CBN grinding wheel produced by cutting wheel, according to the different processes and different components of the binding agent can be divided into the following four. Their nature and purpose (referring to the machining purposes) is also different.
        Wheel production process is simple, low cost of production. Molding simple but only one layer of coating, can not be corrected, in the process, it is difficult to know when the grinding layer is damaged. Suitable for small batch machining and geometry complex molding grinding with and as a correction wheel with.

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