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The scope of application of the diamond cutting tool
2012-12-13 by seoer10

(1) processing of non-ferrous materials processing difficult

Processing of copper, zinc, aluminum and other nonferrous metals and alloys, materials, easy adhesion tool, processing difficulties. The use of the the diamond low coefficient of friction, with the characteristics of the non-ferrous metal affinity small, diamond tools can effectively prevent metal bonding the tool. Further, since the diamond an elastic modulus, a small deformation of the blade portion of the cutting, the cutting of non-ferrous metal extrusion deformation is small, the cutting process can be completed in the small deformation, which can improve the quality of machined surface.

(2) difficult to machine processing of non-metallic materials

When processing difficult to contain a large number of high hardness particle processing of non-metallic materials, such as glass fiber reinforced plastic, fill the silicon material, rigid carbon fiber / epoxy composite material hard particles so that the tool wear serious with carbide tools is difficult processing, diamond cutting tools,cutting wheel, high hardness, wear resistance, high processing efficiency.

(3) The ultra-precision machining

With the advent of modern integrated technology, the machining precision direction quite high tool performance. Diamond small friction coefficient, low coefficient of thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity, can be cut very thin chips, chips easily outflow affinity with other substances, is not easy to produce BUE, heat a small, stone cutting wheel,high thermal conductivity, heat can be avoided the influence of the blade and the workpiece, and therefore the blade difficult to passivation, cutting deformation is small, the surface of the higher quality can be obtained.

2 diamond tool manufacturing method


Currently, the following four categories: film coated tools, thick-film diamond welding tool, diamond sintered body tool and single crystal diamond tool diamond processing methods.

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