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Carbide gun drill for use
2012-12-19 by seoer10

1, when in use, you must first select the appropriate size bushings, the guide sleeve gun drill Ministry gap to keep 0.003mm - 0.008mm of machine gun drill spindle must have high axial and radial the rigidity of the guide sleeve and spindle have a high concentricity. During drilling,cutting disc, processing materials (especially castings) drilling position should not fracture, air vents and other impurities, otherwise it will cause chipping, or even turn around. Should be used to select the correct cutting parameters. Under normal circumstances, the cutting speed: V = 1.1-1.65 m / s, feed rate: s = 0.015-0.03 mm / rev, oil pressure: P = 2.5-6.0Mpa, flow rate: Q = 0.2-0.65 liters / sec.

2, gun drill cutting fluid used more meticulous, it directly affects the accuracy of the holes to be machined. Be sure to choose a dedicated gun oil drilling. General gun drill with a cutting fluid should have an extreme pressure additive, in order to ensure that the oil film is formed under high pressure, to prevent the generation of dry grinding. The viscosity of the cutting fluid and the borehole diameter, the smaller the diameter, the lower the viscosity. Sent gun drill cutting zone cutting oil compared with the pressure, flow, and high filtration precision and general machining. Flow rate should be increased with the increase of hole depth, to ensure that the cutting oil has a greater flow rate, to achieve the purpose of smooth chip evacuation.abrasive tools

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