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Promote tool application of new materials
2013-01-07 by seoer10

Tool new materials into high quality, wear-efficient and practical new stage. Vigorously promote the new materials, tools technology foundation.

(1) high-performance high-speed steel, cobalt high-speed steel, powder high speed steel.

(2) two knives is an indispensable weapon in the automotive parts processing: CBN, PCD. The the CBN surface milling cutting speed up to 5000m/min, instead of grinding machining of hard materials, the surface roughness of 0.22μm. PCD machining aluminum cylinder roughing cutting speed of up to 360m/min.

(3) fine particles and ultrafine particles carbide materials, superhard cutting tool materials, including ceramic, metal, ceramic, CBN, the PCN, which can be the cutting efficiency increased by 50%, high-speed cutting tool material. Hard pieces of cutting is an important application area for high-speed cutting technology. Single blade, multi-point cutting tool machining hardened parts than traditional grinding efficiency, abrasive tools and simplify the process method and process aspects, cost savings, and more flexible. The ultra-fine grain carbide is suitable for most drilling and milling applications, such as carbide wire-tapping, end mills.

(4) the development of coating technology is the mainstream of the development of the early 21st century tool material. : CVD, PVD, the coating material stars: hard coating, soft coating method of coating technology. The hard coat layer having a high hardness, high abrasion resistance. The soft coating with a low coefficient of friction, reduce the cutting forces and temperatures. The coating has a monolayer, multilayer coatings, gradient coating. "Soft - hard" composite coating, super-hard film coating, cutting wheel,nano coating. Soft coating materials MoS2, WS2, TaS2 its portfolio (solid lubricating materials) suitable for high-temperature, high-speed, large load cutting under special conditions. MoS2/Ti coated tool is suitable for low-speed intermittent cutting. The "soft" coatings can be used to dry-cut.

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