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10S series of polishing abrasive
2013-01-08 by seoer10

Mixed response produced by high elasticity and high strength rubber material with a very sharp aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, and cerium oxide. It is also known as "cork wheel. Because the cooling water during use, it Face encounters rendered relatively soft characteristics, such that the working surface of an abrasive and the cerium oxide is in a higher state of grinding and polishing, so that it has excellent flexibility, abrasion resistance and polishing efficiency. Excellent flexibility and abrasion resistance have the following advantages: of glass surrounding full access, grinding & polishing glass surrounding would not stay any defects; provide space to reduce pressure and reduce the risk of burns to exclude debris; make the glass surrounding polishing more easy. There are two models of the bottom edge of the 10S series of polishing abrasive wheel: 10S - 40 and 10S - 60. The former grinding power polishing efficiency; polishing effect of the latter, DC wheel,grinding force is relatively weak. Typical glass edge processing: diamond rough grinding wheel - diamond fine grinding wheel - 10S series polishing abrasive.

The 10S series can choose to use a model based on the specific requirements of the glass edge processing abrasive polishing can also be based on the polished side of the glass requirements to determine whether the use of cerium oxide polishing abrasive.abrasive wheel

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