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there is no suitable plane grinding machine manual polishing abrasive products
2013-06-14 by seoer3
Actual production, especially large-scale hand-finishing quality often unstable, mainly because the operator level, the state can not afford varied, but test is uniquely determined. In addition, some coated abrasive products with the "sand", grit size range is large, will increase the grinding instability. Scouring can balance manually instability and uncertainty of surface quality, maximizing the reliability of hand-trimming.

    No suitable manual polishing Bonded abrasives products: distribution of dense sand sandpaper, once blocked, polishing effect is not satisfactory it. For demanding applications, such as metal decorative pieces, and after the Road paint thinner, softer material of the workpiece is easy to produce dust, sanding debris, if not completely clean, the surface will certainly cause additional damage. And traditional live sand on woven abrasivediscs class products, scouring pads especially suitable for aluminum, copper alloys, such as hardness less prone to dust or polishing materials, such as water pipe pieces (tees, valves, elbows, etc.), , patience dust stronger. Hand-polished with a little shallow hairline will. Before polishing than not, will generally improve gloss of 20 to 30%. Program Comments: Quick improve the finish to rust easily blocked, and scattered rust powder is easy: all kinds of carbon trim parts, long term storage refurbished parts or equipment, printed circuit board corrosion removal, as well as a large number of routine maintenance of tools and machinery are need to rust.
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