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  Abrasive Category
Wherein the abrasive products are mainly divided abrasive corundum and silicon carbide abrasive two categories, specifically, there are basically the following:
1, corundum abrasive, the main component of Al2O3, with medium hardness, toughness, particle Fengrui, relatively inexpensive, suitable for machining high tensile strength of the metal. Microcrystalline corundum abrasives and black corundum aabrasivesare its derived varieties.
2, white fused alumina abrasive, slightly higher than the hardness of corundum, but poor toughness, easy to cut into the workpiece during grinding, good self-sharpening, less heat, grinding ability, high efficiency. Chromium corundum abrasive is its derived varieties.
3, single crystal corundum abrasive material particles are composed of a single crystal, and has a good polygonal cutting edge, high hardness and toughness, grinding ability, less grinding heat, the disadvantage is the high cost of production, yield lower, so the price is relatively high. Corundum abrasives are also crystalline compound, slightly lower hardness, crystal size is fine, good wear resistance.
4, black silicon carbide abrasive, green silicon carbide abrasive, abrasive cubic silicon carbide, silicon carbide abrasive cerium, etc., are silicon carbide abrasive, the main ingredient is silicon carbide SiC, high hardness, brittleness, sharp abrasive grains, good thermal conductivity, strong wear resistance, more suitable for processing hard and brittle metallic and non-metallic products.

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