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Abrasive cleaning efficiency
2013-08-14 by seoer3
 Abrasive many varieties, are: steel grit, steel shot, quartz sand, corundum, copper ore, glass sand, walnut shells, aluminum balls, stainless steel balls. Should be based on different substrates and different requirements, select a different   abrasives . In principle, the same material used abrasive substrate is the best way. Indeed in a certain pressure, the higher the hardness of the abrasive, cleaning efficiency is also higher; abrasive particles is small, the efficiency is relatively high. As pressure feed-blasting machine nozzle between 6 to 12 mm, therefore, the larger abrasive particles through the nozzle aperture out of the number of particles, the less the impact unit area of ​​the surface of the points is less, blasting efficiency is low. Conversely, the smaller abrasive particles through the nozzle aperture number of particles out of the more efficient the blasting. However, if the abrasive particle diameter is less than 0.05 mm, like dust, impact kinetic energy of the workpiece surface is small, no power, efficiency will be not high.
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