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Sandpaper sales market problems what
2013-08-16 by seoer3
Perhaps you  sandpaper  in regular use, which is a method of grinding metal, wood and other surfaces to make them smooth and clean. Is a brand new product with a cleaning tool. In the past, the production businesses or consumers will encounter a lot about the name of the unity, the material is not standardized, the product composition chaos and product strength index can not be guaranteed and so on.
1 name is not standardized: the extension of the belt as well as its wide variety of products, the substrate used many varieties, all enterprises and court their names, varied, to bring users a great deal of inconvenience .2 Material confusion: the Burkina Faso, for example, there are products on the market in cotton, blended with cotton, there are generally cotton, there are interwoven, where the ratio is different, no uniform standard to follow. Another example is the most commonly used the largest amount of water-soluble phenolic resin, has no uniform standards. 3 can not be guaranteed intensity index: Since the strength of the base fabric structure and the fiber material is closely related to a general data can not fully reflect the strength properties of the materials, such as steel, the strength of paper without the thickness, softness link, it will not used in production, such as cotton fabric, add a little fiber strength has increased a lot, but has changed the texture of the fabric, the quality is not the same. But now, with the consumer's awareness of the concept of strengthening, and now there is no way for a lot of businesses sandpaper quality shoddy, deceptive. Even now some of the offending business or have a certain market, but as long as the quality is not enough to protect the product, it will always be is to see through the day.
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