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Note the grinding process
2012-10-12 by seoer10

(1) to pay attention to the contact of the wheel and the important parts

Hissing sound came when grinding wheel for grinding the workpiece surface, the wheel will take away the workpiece surface water stains, while flashed a faint spark, then only increase the coolant, the coolant liquid than ordinary saponification the depth slightly higher, but requires that the filter clean, and then feed. Note that each feed rate for each double stroke 0.005mm until sparks disappear, grinding disc. The transverse feed handwheel to feed direction Banxia, ??the wheel slightly closer to the workpiece, but do not feed, so once polished workpiece, the ultimate guarantee of the workpiece surface roughness up Ra0.02μm.

(2) to prevent the workpiece expansion

In the the summer grinding, the machine lights close to the workpiece to prevent the bulbs heat resulting workpiece expansion affect the quality of grinding.

(3) work even surface nap

It is the coolant clean or grinding wheel surface floating sand, strict nearly filtered coolant or floating sand washed off.

(4) a partial burns
This is due to inadequate cooling liquid feed excessive or grinding wheel caused by blunt.

(5) local tiny corrugated surface of the workpiece.

The end of machining, the workpiece partially occur fine corrugated. The possible causes of the corrugated loose spindle motor vibration or other factors, which according to the actual situation, select the appropriate measures to deal with.

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