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Self-lubricating tool of soft coating
2013-01-15 by seoer10

The soft coating self-lubricated tool refers to the solid lubricant is coated directly on the surface of the tool by way of the coating, in order to achieve a self-lubricating function of the tool, also known as self-lubricating coating tool such coated tool [4]. The main component of the soft coating having a low friction factor of a solid lubricant, such as MoS2, WS2, etc., lower shear strength of those having a layered structure of the solid lubricant and easily attached to the friction surfaces in the cutting process, thereby starting to the anti-friction effect.abrasive manufacture

In addition, the cutting process, there is transferred to the surface of the workpiece material in the solid lubricating film of the surface of the tool, to form a lubricating film, so that the friction during the cutting process occurs in between the transfer film and the lubricating film, so that friction occurs in the inside of the solid lubricating film, which can be reached to reduce friction, prevent caking, reduce the cutting forces and temperatures, the purpose of reducing tool wear. Different with the ordinary hard coat cutting tools of TiN, etc., the soft coating, self-lubricating tool by depositing a coating having lubricating properties in the surface of the tool, it is possible in the cutting process to play a good antifriction lubricating effect. At low cutting temperature (<400 ° C), used with a hexagonal layered structure of the sulphides, such as MoS2, WS2, MoS2/Ti (Mo, Cr, Zr, etc.) and WS2 / W, etc., and its advantages and workpiece the friction coefficient of the friction material composition is very low, only about 0.1; when the cutting temperature is higher (1000 ° C or so), the soft metal Ni, W, Al, Ti, etc., has a better friction-reducing effect .non woven abrasive

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