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 Belt is a special form of multi-tool, multi-blade cutting tool cutting function mainly by abrasive particles adhered to the substrate to complete. Acts as an abrasive cutting, machining can be likened to the general body of the cutting tool micro behavior. Is a one-layer abrasive belt grinding, the grinding belt body, which consists of abrasives, adhesives, base material composed of three elements, and having a flexible cloth or paper extremely flat surface of a base material , arranged flat on the grain diameter raised, by the binder and the base material to maintain flexibility and elasticity. As the main varieties of coated abrasives, and its performance is done by some elements of the integrated form, due to the composition of these elements varies, making coated abrasive belt that performance can meet different workpiece materials at different processing conditions under the grinding requirements, while also forming a belt grinding wheel grinding different from many other advantages. 2, belt grinding
Belt grinding belt is the use, in accordance with the requirements of the workpiece to be machined in a mechanical device, to corresponding contact means and, when a certain pressure, the high speed of the belt in contact with the workpiece surface generating friction surface of the workpiece margin gradually grinding or polishing smooth addition of new technology. Abrasive grains and the workpiece surface in relative motion, the abrasive and the workpiece surface a certain interference. According to the degree of interference, can be divided into three different processes.
(1) Swipe actually came into contact with the workpiece at this time, very little interference, abrasive friction surface only, from the "swipe" effect, then swipe abrasive on the workpiece, in fact, produced a removal of material elasticity and plastic deformation.
(2) Plough
With the machine feeding and cutting thickness increases, interference increases, then the abrasive surface of the workpiece on the plow "reticle", known as the "plow." At this time the plastic workpiece material flow, the material extruded to produce a movement, the direction from the abrasive front and sides of the extrusion, while removal of a small amount of material. (3) Cutting
Under the action of a certain pressure, when there is sufficient interference and accompanied by a cutting temperature, the starting real "cutting", this time in front of the sliding abrasive broken and the chips produced, a considerable fast removal rate. The number of abrasive grains, at the moment of contact with the workpiece, the cutting part of the abrasive grains, the other plow out of the groove, and some only play the role of sliding friction, even with a different parts of the abrasive grains and the same site in the different The processing time is different role. In addition, the rotational movement of strife belt wipe the role of the chips will move forward in front of the abrasive swarf cleaned.
3 (a) Suspension processing
A belt according to their production process, it should be dry, wet moderate, straight, stiff, but due to the packaging, lamination, and after long-term storage and long-distance transport, belt they often deformed, sometimes too dry and sometimes anti-surge (especially dry scrub belt), so that the performance belt itself has undergone great changes, so before using the belt hanging on a dedicated shelf for suspension processing, allowed a certain amount of time to return to normal status . On the one hand the suspension process, the belt will naturally straight belt with the other hand so that the temperature under the conditions used to obtain consistent, belt too anti-surge, may be appropriate for baking, to restore its original performance.
(Two) soft curved handle
Belt tough, often grinding brings bad influence (especially small belt) First, make belt swings or string action, and second, hit the punch work, affecting the accuracy of processing, in order to overcome this disadvantage, belt Soft music can be treated, so that belt to soften, so that the belt close to the contact wheel and guide wheel, belt will smooth functioning normally.
Soft curved belt processing method is to close the rear edges 90, the flexible curved along a first direction, to achieve softening purposes. Edges of the arc should be a small radius to prevent the belt broken. Also note that the soft song should not be too hard. If the belt is brittle, but also pay attention to the angle used for soft music, soft music angles are generally greater than 90 is appropriate.
(Three) Soaking treatment
Soaking treatment is only suitable for water belt. And not every belt in Soaking treatment should be carried out before use. If and when processing  abrasive belt suspension remained too hard, it can in cold water, warm water, soak a few minutes appropriately, dry, you can use. Soaking treatment especially in the winter cold or the weather is dry, use more.
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