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Some of the major ceramic cup exposition
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The main ingredients include  ceramic belt   kaolin, clay, porcelain stone, clay, coloring agents, blue and white material, lime glaze, lime alkaline glaze. Jingdezhen ceramic cup ceramic materials mainly kaolin, is composed mainly of kaolinite clay. Because first found in the northeast of Jiangxi Province, Jingdezhen high-Village is named. Its chemical empirical formula: Al203 · 2Si02 · 2H20, the percentage by weight as follows: 39.50%, 46.54%, 13.96%. Pure kaolin as dense or sparse pine block, the appearance of white, light gray. Contaminated by other impurities, can be presented dark brown, pink, beige, etc., with creamy, easy Yong Shounie into powder after calcination white color, high refractoriness, is an excellent raw material porcelain tea cup stains and coffee stains cleaned with toothpaste or salt, the effect is very good 
Usage: Click the cup with water rinse (do not leave the water), and then with a dry salt or toothpaste in the cup wall above the rub, then rinse salt either salt or, or coarse salt also, you can help us remove the cup tea stains, we can use finger picks after brushing back and forth over the tea stains Needless two or three minutes you will find tea stains magically disappear too! But also easy to hurt mug citrus peel sometimes run into Chen old scale, how scrub brush is not clean all the time, how to do it? Do not worry! This time may wish to look in the kitchen with leftover lemon, or eating oranges peel after losing it! Coffee cup, use a little vinegar or lemon slices to wipe the cup edge, and if the coffee maker, we can put lemon slices, put the cloth with the upper part of the coffee maker, add water to the full. Way to cook coffee lemon, it drops to the bottom of the pot dripping. When the coffee pot with yellow cloud of water droplets, and this is evidence of citric acid clearance coffee stains. Generally, about twice the coffee maker can remove finished

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