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How to deal with the process of using belt fracture
2013-10-12 by seoer3
Belt in the use of the process there will inevitably be broken problem , how to deal with this problem to solve it ?
1 , ceramic belt joints strong, cracking, strengthen the quality control of the production , to meet the needs of users
2, the belt tension is too large, the adjustment of the tension of the working load does not slip , the smaller the better tension
3 , when installed in the transport belt or wrinkles or edge damage before installation to check the quality of appearance , when installed in the correct mode of operation for
4, working too much pressure, reduced pressure
5 , the cutting too deep , friction heat accumulation , reduce the cutting depth or feed rate , or the use of coolant or cooling means
6 , the external debris into the belt and rollers or between the plates , remove debris, high performance dust extraction is the best preventive measures
7 , belt excessive vibration , selection of low hardness contact wheel , checking the quality of the machine vibration or belt
8, the contact roller cone ; contact roller or graphite pad is not parallel with the base removed grinding roller cone ; re-install, maintain the parallel
9 , the machine does not operate properly , the trip switch crashed belt maintenance equipment ( special attention to the paper-based belt )
10 , the workpiece thickness difference is too large or partially overlapping shock belt installation for overlapping plates and oversized portions guards
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