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Ceramic strap watch how kind
2013-10-29 by seoer3
ceramic belt  are also a variety of points, each recipe is not the same, the effect is not the same pursuit. Some very bright, there are matte, Rado is the bright side, while there is a matte surface. Flash, then it is most flash metal, ceramics are colored, bright as polished metal surface effect then flash. Tungsten steel dark ugly now out of fashion. In fact, these two materials are in pursuit of anti-wear effect, not to flash, flash, then the most polished metal plus drill flash. Ceramics do not flash but will not wear long wear, like new, radar now ceramic watch a lot. Two concepts look like your own bar. Tungsten light. Ceramic bracelet not repair, only for a new one. You do not know what brand watches, watches model number, you'd better be repaired soon, because there are many shops for ceramic watches bracelet estimated not in stock, need to customize, which would almost a month's time, so the sooner better repair it. There is sure to go to regular professional watch repair center, they can be sure is genuine.
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