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Compared with emery cloth, sandpaper, abrasive belt in the emergence and development of the country is relatively late, the development process is also full of twists and turns. According to Elder Huang recalled, in 1958, the Ministry of Aviation Industry In order to commemorate the 1959 10th anniversary of the founding of the decision trial MiG-17 fighter to Day gift. Ninth Institute, Shenyang Liming Machinery Factory and the aviation industry shared the help of Soviet experts to do this project, and later in the manufacture of aircraft engines, engine blade grinding wheel can not be completed processing. At this time, the Soviet experts recommend the use of abrasive belt for processing, but it was a machine part no one has heard of abrasive belt, so the Ministry of Machine in Zhengzhou sand and three grinding the task to put the study of belt. In this case, the Huang-Lao and three grinding the China increased river went to Shenyang to assist Soviet experts to study the abrasive belt. Due to the Soviet Union and domestic experts on the abrasive belt unfamiliar country by the British Embassy to find an English version of the the modern coated abrasives books from the book to see a detailed description of the abrasive belt. Order to create the base fabric of the abrasive belt in the ring, the Ministry of Machine wording of the Ministry of Textiles with the development of the ring base fabric requirements Zhengzhou State Cotton Mill, finally succeeded in developing the annular abrasive belt Finally, after about a year's time, the first annular sand 1960 band at Shanghai Grinding Wheel was born.

In 1973, the Cultural Revolution has been drawing to an end, the Ministry of Machine received an invitation from the University of Braunschweig, West Germany, the letter said that 1973 will be held in Braunschweig, West Germany, Britain, the U.S., France , West Germany and 33 countries participated in the seminar, the focus of discussion "wide belt and CBN superhard materials development and application." Jiang Zemin, when he was Secretary of the Foreign Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Machine think this is an opportunity to contact with the outside world, the Cultural Revolution in the last ten years, our country is almost closed to foreign development of advanced technology is the eyes and ears of occlusion. Therefore, the leadership of the Ministry of Machine immediately decided by three grinding the the Second sand and Shanghai Machine Tool Works tripartite jointly staff a delegation went to West Germany to participate in this advanced technology seminar leader is the three-grinding, director of the Secretary Zhen Tong comrades , Gordon Wong members sand, three grinding the Meibo Jun (party secretary), Comrade Lu Feixiong (diamond engineers) to West Germany, in addition to participation in seminars, also visited West Germany Volkswagen, machinery manufacturers VSM brothers combined machine tool company, while VSM precisely the time most of emery cloth with a production company in West Germany, there were two wide belt production line, its high degree of mechanization, automation and comprehensive quality control system and its quality abrasive belt finished bring Huanglao they deep shock. Huanglao they had no idea how, imported from the 1960 East German emery cloth production line until now more than a decade, China and the West in belt production technology as much as such a huge gap. Huanglao after they return home, immediately to the the leaders concerned departments of the Ministry of Machine, especially the Foreign Affairs Bureau of Jiang Zemin Secretary to do a special report. Jiang Juchang special instructions: "This is a 'soft grinding wheel', is the future direction of mechanical abrasive processing, you must pay attention to, we must concentrate!"

It is because of the leadership of the concern of the Ministry of Machine support to China in 1978, the reform and opening up, the central first major introduction of technology projects, the Ministry of Machine put production of "development and introduction of broadband technology projects included in the plan, and that responsible for the implementation of the project by Zhengzhou sand. Committees and leaders of the two sand very seriously. Since 1978, specifically drawn including Huanglao, including six or seven engineers to carry out market research and the introduction of the feasibility study of the wide belt, here to highlight the party secretary and the director of two sand Comrade Wang Fu-sheng, his 1957 years also been sent to East Germany to learn the silicon carbide smelting technology, returning home, he served as director of the smelting plant, due to the work of outstanding performance, after was promoted to deputy chief engineer, deputy factory director, the director and party secretary, the top leaders of the two sand in two sands project assistance to Romania in the eighties, with Comrade Jiang Zemin as head, deputy head Wang Fu-sheng, 1978 Sand party committees in the final discussion of whether the introduction of the abrasive belt project, Wang Fu-sheng has played a key role.

The face of the excellent situation of reform and opening up in 1978, two sand is also neglected tasks to be undertaken, the introduction of a variety of devices from East Germany in the 1960s has lagged behind the urgent need to reform, which requires large sums of money. The wide belt only an estimate and will need more than 100 million yuan, is a big sum of funds at the time. The bigger problem was the introduction of wide belt projects have to face a lot of uncertainties, such as the abrasive belt market in the end how much? Nearly 100 kinds of raw materials required for the production of abrasive belt can find in the country? Digestion and absorption of the introduction of advanced technologies in the country? Such a large capital investment, many years to pay off? There is a very sensitive issue is that after the success of the introduction, two sand brothers factory is open? Do not open, criticized conservative two sand open is equal to two sand pay for others to do the wedding dress! These issues are highly controversial at the time the middle of the two sand committees and plant leadership.

About May 1978, in a discussion about the wide belt introduce the project last enlarged meeting of the Party Committee, Huanglao as abrasive belt engineer is invited to attend the meeting to discuss a whole afternoon, still unable to reach their views on whether the introduction of a wide belt consistent opponents majority. Meeting near the end of Comrade Wang Fu-sheng, said: "I calmly listened to the views of all parties, but our wide belt applications emerging market by market research, the wide belt market after three to five years will be very gratifying.

In addition, we only introduced to train a large number of people quickly, in order to promote the rapid development of domestic wide belt market, our two sand as the domestic abrasives industry leading must be introduced, not only benefit the two sand but the country abrasive industry through the introduction of cultivate talent, produce a product, is the fundamental purpose we introduce. Night Guodong comrades and I'm going to the Ministry of Machine reporting, there is no time to argue. Then he makes good record of the meeting: "I, Wang Fu-sheng, decided that the introduction of two sand wide belt project, where the resulting adverse consequences, I would personally responsible for. "And then in the record of the meeting signed by this meeting Wang auxiliary students of Zheng Zheng position, let Huanglao lifetime memorable. He recalls said:" King of secondary raw fully take their own political future to do bet to make this decision, a person no selfless how dare you make such a major decision! Wang Fu-sheng, decided 20 years ago, and still feel he was very wise and very enterprising. "Now, Wang Fu-sheng suffering from cerebral thrombosis stroke hemiplegia, Shenzhen Nanshan Area cadre sanatorium convalescence.

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    In the grinding of teeth or restorations operation, in addition to the appropriate choice of abrasive material, often use some polishing tools to improve grinding disc efficiency and quality.

         1, disc polishing wheel made of cloth or leather. Clinically used for grinding wheel prosthesis, generally complexes containing iron oxide, chromium oxide polishing paste. 2, the grinding wheel felt wheel made of felt. Hardness greater than the cloth or leather buff. To be used in conjunction with abrasive materials. 3 round brush making bristles or horsehair polishing wheel. There are a variety of sizes and hardness of the points. Usually with using a polishing material such as pumice, diatomaceous earth, quartz sand, calcium carbonate.

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