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The heat pipe tool is a self-cooled tools
2013-01-18 by seoer10

The heat pipe tool is a self-cooled tools, it can greatly reduce the cutting temperature (the thermal conductivity of the heat pipes than the equivalent silver, Tongbang hundreds of times higher), improve the cooling effect from the outside, so no further pouring the cutting fluid, particularly suitable in CNC machine tools, abrasive wheel,machining centers and automatic production line.

The tool cooling channel design is also a high-speed processing tool structure design. Will generate a lot of heat due to high-speed processing, and the heat resistance of the tool material is limited, so the use of high-pressure coolant and the channel to the cutting area, the cutting region of the cooling and lubrication of the tool through the tool for the fluid (oil), to improve tool effective ways of life and their reliability. In recent years, the tool with internal coolant for liquid (oil) channel from the extended to ordinary shallow hole drilling, deep hole machining tool reamers and endmills products.velcro disc

Seco tool launched replaceable carbide drill head (head, there are three drill-type: the head of the P-type grades suitable for cutting steel, The K type suitable for cutting cast iron and aluminum parts, M-type suitable for processing high-strength steel and corrosion-resistant steel). Japan used TiN coated carbide single-blade reamer (cutting speed up to 150-400m/min), they are within the cooling fluid supply hole getting smaller and smaller, and specifications. According to reports, Japan's Mitsubishi special craft with the MZS Carbide small drill hole diameter as small as 3-4.5mm hole diameter of 0.4-0.6mm. Even if cutting the poor condition of the cutting knife, also using this cooling method. For liquid through the machine spindle or toolholder.

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