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Which cutting discs machinery industry will become the new darling of the market?
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 Made of glass fiber and resin bonding materials reinforced with high tensile strength, impact resistance and flexural strength, widely used in ordinary steel, stainless steel and non-metallic production cutting, fine materials, craftsmanship ensures different materials workpiece high cutting efficiency and the best economic results.

Cutting discs

With the machinery industry, more and more, more mechanical products need to be processed, usually each product processing first need to go through cutting sheet forming, and then during subsequent grinding grinding, process through a road eventually became a full-fledged product, then what kind of cut sheet products will become the industry leader it?

First, the hardness of the cutting disc, face the future with new metal products will be more and more, then cut pieces of products is also increasing hardness, cutting discs Hardness decide all products, at present, by the superhard abrasive of high precision, high efficiency grinding effect has been widely recognized.

Second, abrasive physical structure improvements, such as the role of the workpiece within the unit time increasing the number of abrasive particles, the average length of the grinding growth, the grinding increases the contact surface, which changes the amount of material removal per unit time, effectively improved efficiency; really improve the efficiency of cutting disc products can really grasp the future market.

With the future development of machinery industry, more and more cut off disc industry began approaching the market, many companies have begun to start updating the product technology, hoping to develop more good products out.

Cutting disc according to the material consists of fiber resin cutting discs and diamond cutting discs.

1 resin cutting discs based resin as binder, combined with a variety of materials for steel, stainless steel and other difficult to cut materials, cutting performance is particularly significant. Dry cutting ﹑ wet two ways to make a more stable cutting precision, while cutting sheet material and hardness selection, can greatly improve your cutting efficiency, saving you the cost of production.

2ceramic flap disc is a cutting tool that is widely used in stone, concrete, precast panels, the old and new roads, ceramics and other brittle materials processing. Diamond cutting discs mainly composed of two parts; substrate and tip. Substrate is glued tip end portion of the main support, the head is in the course of the part from the cutting, head are constantly in use and consumed, and the base body is not, the cutting head is able to play the role of because it contains the diamond, diamond as the most rigid material, which cut the tip friction object to be processed while the diamond particles [1] grain by the metal wrapper inside the tip.
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