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Disc Operations
2013-08-29 by seoer3
ceramic flap disc action, referring to when dining at the hotel, initiatives that people will eat packaged meals, "CD-ROM" left the hotel. This action is a non-profit organization by the implementation of the Beijing public service activities. "CD-ROM action" against the backdrop of China raised the increasingly serious "tongue waste" phenomenon. The theme is: I start from today does not leftovers. "CD-ROM action" was early January 2013 onwards, the public spontaneously initiated a theme of "I start from today does not leftovers," the public welfare activities, through the microblogging publicity, online eaten after drying dishes, issuing leaflets , posters and other forms of public austerity initiatives against waste, packaged leftovers after dinner at the hotel, "CD-ROM" to leave, everyone is saving food form good atmosphere. Causing many of the media and netizens enthusiastic response. Refuse waste, starting with me, drying out your own dish eaten together, say no to waste, vying to save up to people, say no to waste on the tongue
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