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How to choose the polishing and grinding materials
2012-09-13 by seoer10

        Also have a certain amount of skill in the use of abrasive wheel material life is very extensive, use sandpaper to grind wood, to meet the needs of people, different different items can be used for grinding emery cloth, sandpaper, etc. so I chose material. The following techniques to introduce you to select polishing and grinding materials.
        Firstly, the choice of sandpaper should be selected, according to the processing parts of the base material and the polishing requirements different emery cloth have a different shape and particle size, Generally, the effect of the customer trials emery polishing and grinding wheel, and then decide what kind of material .
        Secondly, describes a generic method of choice of materials, if the material to be processed is the metal parts may be employed a hard disc sand polishing abrasive material, plastic and other soft parts polishing abrasive material of animals and plants, and the hard disc sand, can be used a mixture, if it is light decoration items for processing, due to the high surface quality requirements, should be used the shape relatively smooth materials, such as disc sand.

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