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Plating cBN wheel Whetstone trimming effect
2012-12-12 by seoer10

Abrasive contour bad problem exists in the manufacturing process of the electroplated grinding wheel, using the white corundum Whetstone its trimming. By reasonable choice of trimming parameters, so that the grinding wheel and Whetstone interaction force control in a certain range, to achieve a higher projection height, combined with the removal of the poor strength of the abrasive grains; contour better, combining high strength little effect on the abrasive grains, so as to achieve the purpose of trimming. Using laser scanning method in order to evaluate the effect of trimming, trimming around the wheel landforms, and according to the different characteristics of the geomorphological analysis and validation trimming effect, focus on the grit protrusion height and contour.

Plating grinding wheel grinding ratio, sharp, high bond strength, and low cost, mainly used for precision high-speed, ultra-high-speed grinding of difficult to machine materials [1]. Usually only one layer of the electroplated grinding wheel abrasive, so is not suitable for trimming, usually only the preform manufacturing precision and coating control to maintain its accuracy. Can not be trimmed in the machine, the grinding precision can be achieved is difficult to improve.

According to the grinding wheel during the grinding process to remove the mechanism of the workpiece material, the first involved in the grinding wheel on the highest point, and if the wheel at the high point in the manufacturing process is small, easy to produce grindstone passivation. Especially for the combination of high strength electroplated grinding wheel, the high point in the role of small grinding force is difficult to get rid of, the high point will it be possible to remove the larger grinding force until after passivation. Grinding temperature is already high, easy to cause burns of the grinding surface of the workpiece, to reduce grinding surface quality. Therefore, in the electroplated grinding wheel grinding before it should be possible to make more of the abrasive high point in the same size range as much as possible so that the abrasive grains to participate in the grinding to reduce the grinding force and reduce the abrasive blunt of speed. Made of electroplated grinding wheel manufacturing outer plating method [2], the projection height of the abrasive grains there are big differences, especially in the presence of a higher projection height of a small amount of the abrasive grains, their presence greatly reduce the performance of grinding wheel by trimming links before grinding should as much as possible to remove the large protrusion height of a small amount of abrasive, try to keep the abrasive contour.

Problems exist for these electroplated grinding wheel, many scholars at home and abroad have done a lot of research in the metal bonded grinding wheel dressing, proposed many advanced finishing processes and methods, ELID dressing [3], EDM dressing 4] and [5], laser dressing. These methods for improving the abrasive grains of the electroplated grinding wheel protruding height increases chip space and to improve the efficiency of the grinding wheel, and other aspects of great significance, but has little effect for improving the contour in terms of abrasive grains, and these methods are more complicated, higher costs, less easy to implement engineering applications. This paper discusses the feasibility and effectiveness of corundum Whetstone electroplating cBN cutting wheel dresser, Whetstone mechanism for the removal of the the wheel surface plating the abrasive "high point", and by trimming around the grinding wheel topography measurement results validate the above analysis conclusion.

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