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coated abrasives What?
2013-05-27 by seoer3
Coated abrasives usually three main ingredients - base material, abrasives and adhesives, in what we call "MAKER" continuous process production line made of, three of which the main raw material for coated abrasives characteristics of the product plays a decisive role.
In the specific grinding application process, according to the specific process requirements andnon woven abrasive objects, select the appropriate special coated abrasive products can effectively help users in a variety of different workpiece material surface processing aspects of grinding to get the best effect. For material surface processing of coated abrasive products, with a wide variety of tools available forms, including ribbon, roll, page, strip, discoid, dish and impeller and other forms.
If different granularity counted coated abrasives tools available form of more than 1500 kinds. On this basis, we can provide customers with different shapes, different sizes, specifications, different design in the form of coated abrasive products will be more than 45,000 kinds. Whether or small margin trimmed heavy coarse lapping fine cast, we are able to producecoated abrasive meet our customers in a variety of different industries within the workpiece material surface processing of the specific process requirements.
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