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Waterjet what time , what people invention
2013-11-18 by seoer3
Ultrahigh pressure water jet technique using ordinary tap water can be pressurized to 250-400Mpa pressure , and then through the inner bore diameter of about 0.15-0.35mm jewel nozzle forming speed of about 800-1000m / s high speed jet, which is commonly known as water arrows , arrows that water has a high energy , can be used to cut soft base materials . If we add the right amount of water arrows  coated abrasive  can be used to cut almost all of the hard and soft materials . Adjust water jet pressure and flow , you can use it to clean a variety of objects, such as in addition to plastic , paint , rust , etc., we can also use high pressure autoclave technology , food preservation , and many other useful work for humanity . Waterjet cutting can be characterized in any of the materials disposable cutting arbitrary curves ( except water cutting other cutting methods will be outside the variety of materials restrictions ) ; cutting does not produce heat and harmful substances, materials non-thermal effects ( cold cuts ) , easy to cut unnecessary or secondary processing , safety, environmental protection , low cost , high speed , high efficiency, can be arbitrary curve cutting, convenient and flexible , and versatile. Water cutting is the most versatile method of cutting process . Water jet cutting and laser cutting relatively large laser cutting equipment investment is currently used mostly for thin steel plate , some non-metallic materials, cutting , cutting speed, high accuracy, but when laser cutting kerf marks Office will cause the arc and cause thermal effects ; addition to the laser cutting some undesirable materials , such as aluminum , copper and other metals, alloys, especially thick sheet metal cutting , the cutting surface is not satisfactory, or even can not be cut . There is now research on high-power laser generator is trying to solve the thick steel plate cutting , but the investment in equipment , maintenance and operating costs of consumption is also very impressive . Water cutting small investment, low operating costs, cutting wide range of materials , high efficiency, easy operation and maintenance .
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