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Grinding wheel Whetstone - ceramic abrasive flagship product
2013-12-12 by seoer3
In order to meet the requirements of different grinding the  coated abrasive  divided into three categories, namely, grinding wheel, grinding, Whetstone.
 Wheel with a flat, double bevel, single bevel, concave-sided, double-sided concave, convex-sided, cylindrical, cup, bowl, dish, etc. shape. There are cylindrical grinding, elliptical cone, round cone, spherical, hemispherical and mounted points and so on.
There are square Whetstone Whetstone, Whetstone rectangular, triangular stone, knife-shaped stone, cylindrical Whetstone, semicircle Whetstone. Abrasives may determine the shape of the above, the choice of what kind of wheels, mainly determined by the requirements of grinder models, the grinding wheel drive models and products. The selection of the wheel, that is what made abrasive abrasive, the effect is directly related to the use of the wheel.
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