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Abrasives prices rose Factors
2013-12-18 by seoer3
First, the decline in factor analysis
Last week decline in the first three categories of representative products, two low-voltage electrical electrical appliances, machinery and equipment in food processing machinery .
 Tapes current index 95.56 , up 2.65% decline . Following up on the stage , tape products prices fell again , sealed plastic , glass, plastic and other commonly used tape products prices fell slightly . Recent market conditions have improved, compared to the previous month lukewarm business, many businesses saw the opportunity to cut prices , but the price is relatively small ups and downs , I believe that within the next few weeks , the price will return to a steady state. Copper class period index 95.04 , or 2.33% , with larger decreases . But for the raw materials market, the more normal price fluctuations , supply shortage in the domestic situation , some copper manufacturers also export , so that the imbalance between domestic supply situation is further exacerbated by continued domestic copper demand for international high, pushed import prices is bound copper . In contrast , copper prices have continued to expand production capacity in the process of continuing to fall .
Screen class period index 95.46 , down 6.82 percent . Spring Festival approaching, the device functions as a safeguard highway safety net during the Spring Festival , part of the municipal increase the care and maintenance of highways and other public places of safety equipment , increasing the demand for screen- class products , market traders reflect the recent cell- protective bar sales better. Frame rails, wire fence bilateral sales in general , the current prices of the product is mainly merchants temporary adjustment , the latter is expected to rebound .
Two , or factor analysis
Class II prices rose last week, the top three products for the hardware and tools on behalf of high voltage insulation class abrasive and coated abrasive  class , electrical, electrical , and mechanical equipment food processing machinery and equipment categories.
Tools, fixtures class period index 98.99 , up 0.54% , tools, fixtures prices less volatile . Relatively stable with a variety of machine tool sales , along with the popularity of CNC machine tools , mechanical clip-on tools popular with consumers , and the hand- sharpening knives have gradually surfaced out of the market trends , new materials, good quality and durable turning, cutters , boring tools , such as by new and old customers attention. From the brand perspective, a good amount of domestic brands , foreign Dirk, Ticketmaster and other sales.
Lamps current index 102.27 , up 2.72% , the larger the rate of increase . With the implementation of energy conservation and other policies on the market incandescent significant reduction in LED light fixtures to seize the hardware market, will inevitably lead to a rise in the cost of lighting . Now it seems that the market volume as before incandescent LED lights , large factories, mines operating areas are still using incandescent power ; addition, the Spring Festival approaching, decorated with colored LED lights optimistic about sales , market traders make recommendations adequate supply ready .
Abrasives and Abrasive class period index 111.19 , up 5.25% , prices rose sharply. Abrasives and Abrasive domestic market still is not busy , the shops in the market to sell abrasive showing inexpensive, low-end products , a single species and other factors. Combined November and December months , the abrasive industry prices start from the bottom , all the way back up, the impact lasted three weeks ago, but the view of the magnitude of increase is slowing , prices continue to rise showing fatigue trend.
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