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Interpretation of the performance of the diamond wheel
2012-11-16 by seoer10
Interpretation of the performance of the diamond wheel, of different binding agents
Superhard abrasive abrasive, porosity, binder three portfolio formation. Be seen, the binding agent is an indispensable part of the produced abrasive, its role is the abrasive grains bonded into a cutting action with a certain geometrical shape, and to hold the abrasive grains to withstand the grinding force in the processing and play. There are three major categories: superhard abrasive binder resin bond, vitrified bond, metal bond. How to choose the right combination of agents, based primarily on its performance and processing requirements of the abrasive. Resin bond. Itself has good flexibility and polishing, after the formation of the abrasive, still has a good self-sharpening, clogging, less trimming, and high grinding efficiency, low grinding temperature, surface finish grinding, So, a very wide range of applications. To form a resin bond diamond abrasive, often used in combination with the diamond abrasive carbide workpiece the steel base Carbide workpiece, as well as some non-metallic materials, semi-fine grinding,grinding wheel, etc.; combined with the resin binder to form a resin binder CBN abrasive, mainly used in high vanadium high speed steel cutting tools, grinding and tool steel, tool steel, stainless steel and heat-resisting alloy workpieces semi-fine grinding, fine grinding. Resin bond abrasive grip poor heat resistance is also poor, leading to high temperature grinding abrasive wear is particularly evident, especially in the heavy load grinding, often using the the plating attached metal clothing abrasive to be improved. Vitrified bond. Such binders abrasive bonding strength than resin. Abrasives after formation, the work surface is the performance of the chip, so clogging, sharp cutting, grinding efficiency, as well as the amount of thermal expansion is small, easy to control the machining accuracy, these characteristics conducive to smooth grinding process. Abrasive shaping and trimming operation is relatively easy, generally used for coarse grinding, semi-fine grinding, as well as a large contact surface profile grinding, vitrified bond is increasingly widespread application of a binding agent. Vitrified bond diamond abrasive combined better stability, good market and reputation in the field made of ceramic bond CBN grinding wheel. Vitrified bond diamond abrasives combined with the difficulty factor, has been hampered by the research and development of ceramic bond diamond wheel. Zhengzhou sub new superhard materials engineers overcome the poor heat resistance of the diamond must be very low temperature ceramic binder sintering technical problems, engineers are the first in the country to produce the ceramic bond diamond wheel for grinding gems, and to develop a variety of wheel specifications, gem processing of all ages in the field. Have been developed in recent years grinding PCD / PCBN tool vitrified bond diamond wheel, grinding diamond composite piece ceramic bond diamond wheel series vitrified bond diamond wheel achieved a good reputation in the market. The metal binder bronze bond and electroplated bond two categories. Electroplating binding agent is a combination of a higher strength binding agent will generally be a single layer or multi-layer abrasive grains with a plating method is plated on the metal substrate, the number of unit area of ??the abrasive grains on the working surface of the bonded abrasives than several other the kind of binding agent is much higher, and the abrasive grains are exposed to the surface of the binding agent, and thus a sharp cutting, high grinding efficiency. But by the coating thickness limits the overall service life of the abrasive is not generally used for special purpose processing, form grinding abrasive, a small lap, nesting knife, plating reamer, file, etc.. With the continuous progress of the technical level, the application of cubic boron nitride plating metal bonded abrasives growing, particularly in the processing of a variety of steel parts holes, the cavity when more prominent, not only the high grinding efficiency, economy good, and also to obtain a better shape precision. The bronze bonded abrasives are copper powder, tin powder as the main material, and other materials added to improve its performance fully mixed, and then the abrasive added thereto uniformly mixed, and then placed in the mold in the press molding, sintering. The abrasive binder and abrasive combination of high strength, abrasion resistance, wear, so long life, and be able to maintain a good shape, it can withstand heavy loads. But the disadvantage is that since grind poor surface prone to clogging, fever, dressing is also very difficult. Mainly used for glass, ceramic, cutting disc, building materials, concrete, semiconductor materials, non-metallic material, such as roughing, finishing and cutting step, a small amount of for carbide composite superhard material grinding, and the grinding and various honing electrolytic grinding and other.
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