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High-speed resin strength grinding wheel
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① grinding time is short, the processing efficiency is high: the arc of contact of the grinding wheel and the workpiece due to the strong grinding a removal of a large quantity, than the conventional grinding contact arc, high metal removal rate by forming FORGING the greensheet directly grinding, thereby reducing the grinding cycle. In the same time, the grinding depth, reduction in the number of workpiece reciprocating, saving workbench change to empty grinding time, the processing efficiency is 3-5 times higher than ordinary grinding fuller play to the potential of machine tools and grinding wheels, making powerful grinding and improve work efficiency.

② grindstone easily broken wear, tool wear is small: the table feed speed is low, the thickness of the grinding thin, single active abrasive grains of the cutting wheel to withstand the grinding force is small, although the wheel contour cusp part of the force than and combine weak, but the grinding force is still insufficient to make a single grain crushing wear, but can only produce abrasion wear, it is possible to maintain the shape of the grinding wheel in a more permanent, and thus guarantee high shape accuracy of the workpiece. When using a CBN wheel, the accuracy of the shape of the workpiece can be further improved.

③ stable workpiece precision machining high precision: the abrasive grinding wheel is slowly and gradually cut into the workpiece material, can greatly improve the grinding conditions to reduce grinding vibration. Processing wheel and workpiece contact arc, enables the grinding vibration damping to reduce flutter, the workpiece surface waviness and surface stress reducing, not easy to produce grinding cracks. Therefore, the accuracy of the workpiece is relatively stable, high precision machining type surface grinding accuracy up to 2-51. zm, the roughness generally up Ra0.631. zm, some up to a0.161. zm.

4) grinding force and grinding heat:

⑤ creep feed grinding machining hardened materials, wear-resistant alloys and ceramic materials difficult to machine materials with unique advantages, and the process does not produce glitches.

⑥ tool costs low:

⑦ save processing costs, shorten lead times:

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