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How to prevent debris embedded abrasive belt
2012-09-17 by seoer10

 The sanding process with high production efficiency, good surface quality, low production costs, has been widely used in furniture production, furniture final surface quality of the product has a close relationship with the sanding process. Sanding belt sanding process, how to choose the right belt, and extend the life of the abrasive belt further improve sanded finish and flatness problems often encountered in the abrasive belt use. With the advancement of science and technology, abrasive belt with a base type of abrasive, abrasive belt Production, abrasive binder is in progress.

Abrasive belt fitted crumbs is very annoying, abrasive dust impaction in the gap between the abrasive grains, the abrasive is no longer exposed, belt and can not effectively sanded, or even can not see the abrasive belt abrasive, the abrasive tape lost sanding capacity,abrasive tools and friction heat is generated so that the abrasive belt or workpiece charred.

The common cause of the moisture content of wood debris embedded abrasive belt. The test increased by 1-2%, when the moisture content of wood debris embedded abrasive belt phenomena will increase more than 20%. The different moisture content of wood, embedded debris occurs is different, so the wood moisture content control in the range of easy grinding, effective measures to prevent the embedded debris.

Abrasive belt grinding sanding will produce heat. When the grinding heat reaches a certain temperature, cutting disc, lignin melted in the abrasive surface. So to prevent belt inlay crumbs from the control grinding heat, the reasonable choice of abrasive belt speed, the proper the grinding amount and feed speed, which can prevent the embedded debris. The different species grinding distinction, especially some species containing resin, in the control of the moisture content, by adjusting the abrasive belt speed, the amount of grinding feed speed grinding heat down.

Select the appropriate abrasives and abrasive coarseness also prevents embedded crumbs. The various abrasives have different performance, new grinding edge when a small broken after grinding sharpening blunt, good self-sharpening abrasive, abrasive belt remain sharp. The appropriate abrasive density level can be prevented embedded debris. Sanding equipment on the row of dust, blowing device should always check whether it is operating normally, the injection port to maintain sufficient positive pressure can Chuijin debris on the abrasive belt; dust exhaust port to maintain a certain negative pressure, so that the debris smooth excretion. Prevent debris retained within the apparatus, so that the abrasive belt to maintain a good condition can be prevented embedded debris.

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