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Brazed diamond technology has become a hot spot
2013-04-15 by seoer3
Brazing diamond, binding agent (the braze alloy material) technology can achieve the interfacial chemical metallurgical bonding of a metal substrate having a higher binding strength. Interface combined with high strength, soonly the thickness of the thin-binding agent sufficient to firmly grip the live abrasive grains, the exposed height of up to 70% ~ 80%, to make fuller use of abrasive, greatly improving the processing efficiency of the life of the tool. Compared with traditional technology, diamond tools allows the maximum protrusion value can increase more than 50%, the tool is no increase in power consumption orcutting wheel, workpiece material on the unit volume of abrasive wheel is reduced by more than half. Compared with electroplated tools, also showed an unparalleled advantage. Brazed diamond production process is mostly automatic control technology, production process, an effective solution to saving resources and protecting the environment, do not constitute environmental pollution, the use of the product does not constitute secondary pollution of the environment, foreign called "green industrial products. "
Brazing diamond tools manufacturing process has good prospects for development, in order to stimulate domestic brazed diamond technology development, brazing techniques rapid promotion, really play a super-hard industry pacesetter role.
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