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Cutting knife works
2013-10-09 by seoer3
Cut is turning in the bar or piece cut off disc  into two ( or several paragraphs ) processing methods. Knife blade clamping tools are used . Cutter blade knife with a blade that can be placed groove processing if the blade bad, not bad knife , the blade can be taken out , go to the mill , grinding put something good , you can continue turning, machining a workpiece .
Compared with other other cutting knife , knife blade is not cutting machine folder after high-temperature soldering , welding tools like the same can be avoided , because the carbide blade welding cracks , reducing tool life , use when desoldering and Arbor used only once and other shortcomings , the use of a mechanical clamping of the blade is fixed in the arbor , with a blunt blade can be replaced after a good blade sharpening a new turning . Therefore, increase tool life and tool holders can be used repeatedly , with time as long as the blade replaced , reducing the processing time, improve work efficiency, reduce waste of resources.
Compact structure, less components , clamping reliable, easy loading and unloading . Blades can always come up , easy regrinding the blade utilization high. Blade wear , chipping can be adjusted freely and exchange. 1 ) Tool low intensity , precision can not meet the job requirements .
2 ) the development of a flourishing era in NC , knife styles and functions , and the aging process parameters too , can not meet the development needs.
3 ) section produces uneven phenomenon, there are four specifications cutting knife , to have four kinds of knife matching tooling repeatedly, the waste of resources.
4 ) have limitations and can not meet the special structure processing .
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