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Laser cutting machine breakdown maintenance
2013-11-29 by seoer3
1,cut off disc  the machine is not running (no refrigeration or pump does not effect)

Check that the power cord is connected to the power plug;

Check that the power switch is turned on;

Check the panel power is turned on.

2, the pump does not work

Check the liquid level of the system to ensure that the pump receives liquid;

Check pump motor is running;

Check the circulatory system is clogged;

3, inadequate suction pump

Check if the voltage is too low;

Check that the tube diameter is too small;

Check whether the fluid viscosity is too high;

Check the connection pipe is restricted.

4, no refrigeration or inadequate refrigeration

Check if the voltage is too low or too high;

Check whether the ventilation blockage;

Check the ambient temperature (ambient temperature is too high will cause a momentary stop of refrigeration compressors;)

Check if too much heat is transferred to the cooling liquid, because this would exceed the cooling capacity of the refrigeration system.
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