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The role of binding agent of the diamond grinding wheel
2012-11-15 by seoer10

        Dongguan diamond wheel for natural diamond polished, it can replace the polycrystalline diamond (PDC), rough diamonds. Having the common characteristics of the diamond and a ceramic binding agent, binding agent plays gripping abrasive effect, and gives a certain geometrical shape in Dongguan diamond cutting wheel. It is an important symbol of Dongguan diamond grinding wheel performance. The binding agent is made of a thermoplastic resin binder with various fillers, (currently widely used is a phenolic resin, a small amount of application of the polyimide resin; filler application of some metal oxide).
        Dongguan diamond grinding wheel used in the nature of the various components of the binding agent the number of dosage has a great influence on physical properties, mechanical properties and grinding performance of the binding agent, therefore, must be selected for the material of the workpiece, the performance, in order to achieve good use of effects. The common characteristics of the diamond grinding wheel with diamond and ceramic binder, compared with ordinary corundum, silicon carbide abrasive grinding power, grinding temperature is relatively low, abrasive wear; can be adapted to a variety of coolant effect; abrasive grinding shape retention property is good, high precision grind the workpiece; larger pores within the abrasive grinding conducive chip removal and cooling, clogging, easy to burn the workpiece; abrasive self sharp, trimming the time interval is long, relatively easy trimming. Therefore, the increasing use of vitrified bonded diamond abrasive in some foreign countries.

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