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How rapid determination of the quality of CBN grinding wheel
2013-04-17 by seoer3
Using CBN diamond grinding wheel grinding operations, in addition to the service life of the grinding wheel is very important, the the wheel quality factor is crucial in order to achieve high demands on the grinding process and the machining accuracy.
The grinding process in the tool and the part has been playing a very important role. Compared with other types of cutting technology, the strengths of the grinding process in the smaller corrugated its hard materials good processability, high geometric tolerance precision (IT5 6) and the grinding surface and rough degree (Rz = 1 ~ 3μm).
As the basic shape of the electroplated grinding wheel malleable, cutting wheel, so this process is especially suitable for applications requiring high processing occasions. Wheel plating layer is characterized in that, on the one hand the other hand, the space required to keep the chips can be discharged through a high-quality grinding particles reaches the wear limit range requirements.
Overall observation grinding processes
As the process is more and more complex, it is necessary overall observation of the grinding process. This means that a specific request to be based on a variety of different applications, the configuration of the wheel. At this time, often involving surface shape (ie, the role of the regional cutter). Modern measurement techniques and methods must be used in order to be able to do the description and evaluation of the specific characteristics of the relevant surface. Tool process results with particulate matter and quality levels at any point in time so you can make an objective assessment. This is also to ensure that a prerequisite for stable machining quality.
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