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Piece fixed wheel life
2013-06-14 by seoer3
In the grinding process, because the wear of cut off wheel itself, constantly changing state of wheel face. As the grinding time, the grinding wheel cutting capacity decreased, various grinding defects continue to appear, the grinding process can not be continued. At this point, you must trim wheel, grinding back to normal state. Between the two dressing grinding wheel grinding time is called the real life of the wheel. Affecting the life of the grinding wheel grinding the important factors, particularly for forming grinding particularly important.
Determination wheel life
Generally worn under the metal cutting wheel face various phenomena arising through observation and tests carried out. Wheel wear phenomena arising after grinding are:
Grinding process produces self-excited vibration, the surface appears regeneration chatter;
Grinding noise increases;
Surface grinding burn occurs;
Grinding force dramatic increases or decreases;
Precision grinding down;
Grinding surface roughness increases.
These phenomena are not independent, the production of various phenomena of relevance. Of particular note is that the grinding temperature is too high and the surface of the heat generated due to self-excited vibration damage and lead to decrease roughness and accuracy.
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