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Grinding wheel dressing (2)
2013-03-25 by seoer3

The abrasive tools  grinding wheel is the most effective devaluation diamond dressing tool. Single particle diamond dresser, dressing tool wear, and often will affect the type of surface accuracy. Diamond roller dressing avoid dressing tool wear too fast, and to get a better wheel morphology. The dressing device feed higher precision, each feed rate should be controlled at the micron level. Excessive trimming both affect the grinding quality, will greatly reduce wheel life.
Truing many ways, generally using a mechanical method (such as cut corundum block dressing the hydraulic injection Dressing law) or electrical processing method. The latter are used for metal bond grinding wheel, in addition to the erosion of the wheel as the anode metal bond spark or electrolysis; adding graphite powder in the binder, this law also applies to the resin, ceramic bonded grinding wheel.

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